Staying at a country motel in a country town….Dalby…..on the rich farming plains of Australia’s Darling Downs.

Staying at a country motel in a country town….Dalby…..on the rich farming plains of Australia’s Darling Downs.


Australia is a huge land with a small population. It has two worlds -  most Australians live in the cities close to the sea including  Sydney, Gold Coast and Cairns . But there is also the very different world of Australia’s country people who produce the food and mining products that are supplied to the world.

The Australian bush is a vast area with a small population. Not many people from China have the opportunity to get a glimpse into this part of Australia.

For a unique look at the Australian countryside and to see how many Australian people live, come to Dalby, just one hour from the Wellcamp Airport! We will welcome you and show you what is special to us.

From Dalby you will visit different types of countryside, meet local people, and see kangaroos, colourful birds and other strange Australian animals and farm animals. You will see colourful crops on huge farms on the world-famous blacksoil plains; you can travel through (Australian Cypress) pine forests to see the many gas wellheads pumping gas many hundreds of miles to our seaports to go to China. You will visit  the wonderful Bunya Mountains whose unique bunya trees date back 220 million years and once fed dinosaurs.

You will feed mountain parrots which will sit on your hand if you wish. You will see many, many kangaroos. You will eat bunya nuts which are indigenous to Queensland, as well as macadamia nuts, and experience the Australian way of cooking healthy fresh Australian food.

You will go for a walk along the little Creek which runs through Dalby.  There you will see flying foxes sleeping upside down in the gum trees; and maybe even a koala! You will visit an Australian pub and eat a meal prepared in camp ovens like they do in the outback.

You can go shopping and buy a cowboy outfit or some Australian souvenirs.

We can arrange a very flexible itinerary for you, depending on your interests. Whatever you choose to do, visiting Dalby in the Australian countryside will be an experience you will never forget.

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Jane Grieve

Jane Grieve

Former columnist for Queensland’s Courier Mail, is a freelance journalist for several current magazines.

She has written two books, Slippin’ on the Lino and In Stockmen’s Footsteps.

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